Refrigerated freight is one of the more complex markets in todays industry. Refrigerated trucking uses temperature-controlled transportation methods and monitoring equipment to maintain product temperature. Products must maintain this temperature throughout the entire transit. Equipment care is vital to the operation. 



ShipExts partners with high quality carriers with a single point of contact. Flatbed transportation of cargo requires a special skill set. Our partners have have dimensional flexibility for large freight. All are equipped with tarps, chains, corner protectors. Our carriers can handle loads of all sizes.


Maximize effieciencies by shipping your goods through a combination of railway and truckload transport. This allowes you to create an intermodel freight solution that keeps your business moving and maximizes your market share. Our intermodel carriers are completely trained and equipped to complete jobs of all sizes. 


We are here to provide you with all your liquid transportation needs. Our carriers are experts in all load and unload processes. Hauling liquids is different, you are dealing with a product that constantly shifts. Due to the high skill level that it takes to transport liquids we only partner with highly skilled carriers.


Dry van shipping services are the most commonly used trype of truckload shippin the the United States. Your freight will be moved in an enclosed trailer, ensuring that it is protected from any weather or other conditions. These trailers are adjusted to moving  large volumes of goods that do not require temperature control. 


ShipExts partners with carriers who are fully trained to ensure your hazourdous goods are properly loaded and transported without issues. If the transportation of hazourdous goods is not completed by fully equpped and trained professionals it can lead to several problems for you.